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Trust Spiral Dress Box
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Leaks & Pipes
Leaks & Pipes
If you suspect a leak in your pipes, we offer a full service from leak detection and locating to full pipe replacement with the latest in leak locating and pipe replacement technology. These tests can be run in your home, on your property or from the roadside. Give Spiral Dress Box a call and we'll sort it.
Gas Fitting
Gas Fitting
We can help with all gas installations and repairs including gas cooker/stoves and ovens, gas heaters and can assist with gas certification requirements.
Hot Water
Hot Water
We can assist with the right hot water system for your needs including standard tank water heaters and the energy efficient continuous-flow water heaters. We can perform repairs, maintenance and safety checks and new installations on all brand and models of water heaters and even remove your old one as part of a total hot water solution.
“What a refreshing, efficient, and pleasant experience”
Most of my plumber experiences have been non-communicative. How refreshing it was to have not only talk to me but also explain the details of the job so I could maintain the system more myself, reducing the need to make more call-outs. I've never experienced this, it truely was great!
β€” Paul
Thanks for being prompt and answering my questions. You went above and beyond.
“Thanks for being prompt and answering my questions. You went above and beyond.”
was very thorough. Answering all my questions and went into a lot of detail and measurements before giving me a quote. The other guys took a quick look before throwing out a number.
β€” Pauline
“I only want to work with honest people. These guys are the best!”
Honesty and integrity are super important to me. We called and requested an estimate on a major breakage in our sewer pipes. gave us a fair, efficient cost and time to repair estimate. We scheduled the work to be done 2 days later.
β€” Patrick
Fxopen investment platform Fxopen investment platform
Fxopen investment platform

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